MSS Modbus-TCP Server Simulator 1.0

MSS is a free software which can answer any scale of TCP Server Simulation requirement. It supports Class-1 Modbus Functions, 64K addressing and Bit, Int/UInt8, Int/UInt16, Int/UInt32, Int64, Single and Double Data-Types in all 4 data-endianess. MSS permits user to prepare simulations from scratch.
With MSS, user can easily map registers and assign data to them without struggling with hex values, data-lengths or endianess. User can also connect other TPC Servers to copy mapping of registers of along with registers data.
MSS is a small and portable Windows application. It can run on Win XP and onwards. Just tested on Win7 & Win10 64 Bit Machines.

CURRENT STABLE VERSION: MSS 1.0.3 Built 404 - 22.Apr.19 
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Portable  (1107KB)