MSS 1.0.3 Maintenance Release is ready to download.
Check the Change Log for revisions detail.

MSS 1.0.2 Maintenance Release is ready to download.
Corrected response of Float Edit-Boxes to comma when Decimal Separator is comma. (Change Log)

MSS 1.0.1 was released to clear a minor bug that the Base Register Info on the Statusbar was not updated accordingly. (Change Log)

After long nine years I am here again with one update and one new freeware.
TC Converter 2.0 is likely free from all known bugs now. By the way, it is my first freeware released in 2003.
MSS 1.0, the new one, provides a complete solution for Modbus-TCP Server Simulation requirements. Indeed I wrote it for a trial analyzer project a few years ago and recently made it ready for distribution as a freeware. Hope it works well for you too.