TC Thermocouple Temp-EMF Converter 2.0

TC Converter is a bi-directional converter for all common thermocouple types. It uses Standard Thermocouple Reference Functions based on ITS-90 and IPTS-68 for Temperature to EMF conversion. But instead of "Approximate Inverse Functions", it uses nonlinear regression for EMF to Temperature conversion in order to provide the highest conversion accuracy.
In this version IPTS-68 KType conversion error is fixed and IPTS-68 E, J, N and R Types are added.
TC is a small and portable executable. It doesn't require any DLL or any special installation path. Tested just on Win7-64 Bit Machine.

CURRENT STABLE VERSION: TC 2.0.0 Built 231 - 23.Feb.19  (Change Log)
Portable  (322KB)